Windows into a healthier future

17 Sep 2016
Windows into a healthier future

George F Meierhofer, an attorney in NYC, had donated to American and European medical research institutions for decades. 

After losing his mother in January 2015, he looked further afield – and found SAHMRI, which had just won a “Laboratory of the Year” award from R&D Magazine.   

Dedicating a window to Irene 

George bought a window in memory of his mother, Irene. His dedication to her, recorded on a window on the Eastern side of our virtual building, celebrates her 86 years of life in New Jersey, USA.

“SAHMRI gave me a special way to commemorate my mother.  The added bonus was that I was able to support exceptional medical research at the same time,” said George. 

Supporting SAHMRI and inspiring South Australian school kids 

George has continued to support us by buying even more windows! He generously asked for two of his new windows to be given to local schools here in South Australia – in the hopes that primary school children would be made aware of local scientific research at an early age. 

Students from the two schools wrote wonderful dedications for their windows: 

“Researching is when you search for an answer over and over, even if you feel like giving up. Thank you SAHMRI for never giving up on finding the answers.”  

Year 1 and 2 students, Westbourne Park Primary School 

“We think Aboriginal People are Scientists because they are experts on bush food and medicines. We hope SAHMRI Scientists continue to do research on this.” 

Year 1 and 2 students, Augusta Park Primary School 

George, and the students at Westbourne Park Primary School and Augusta Park Primary School, are important parts of our SAHMRI community – and you can join them today. 

Buy your window today 

A gift of $100 will give you the chance to make your unique mark on our virtual SAHMRI building. 

You can buy your window online or get in touch with us if you need a hand. You can reach Rebecca Miller on (08) 8128 4105 or