Working at SAHMRI

What it's like to work at SAHMRI
Working at SAHMRI

Whether joining SAHMRI as a researcher, in a research support capacity or in corporate services, we are united in our purpose to transform health and medical research into better health outcomes for all.

SAHMRI represents an exciting and unique statewide concept, bringing together basic and translational research, South Australia’s three universities and the health system. We continue to work in collaboration with our partners to provide a clear focal point for health and medical research, paving the way for new partnerships, innovative research projects and improved health outcomes.

SAHMRI prides itself on being a workplace of choice, supporting its people with professional development opportunities, flexible working arrangements and other benefits. See below for more information.

The SAHMRI team includes people born in over 50 countries and speaking more than 60 different languages.

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Benefits of working at SAHMRI

Salary Packaging is an entitlement granted by the Federal Government to all workers in a Health Promotion Charity. This allows you to take part of your income as a tax-free benefit.

SAHMRI provides a range of flexible working arrangements to help our staff balance their work and personal responsibilities. This can include arrangements such as part-time employment, variation to hours of work and working from home.

The SAHMRI Employee Assistance Program is a free counselling service that is voluntary and confidential. The service can assist when personal, family or work issues are impacting on your wellbeing or quality of life. The program offers 24-hour telephone contact and person-to-person counselling is available at a variety of locations across Adelaide.

Twenty weeks paid parental leave is available for eligible employees who are their child’s primary carer. Two weeks paid parental leave is also available to the secondary carer.

SAHMRI offers a broad range of career opportunities across our diverse organisation, including role changes and promotions, special assignments, secondments and project work. We work actively with our team members on their careers as we know they have aspirations and ambition to keep challenged as we strive to achieve research excellence.

We believe in equipping our team with core skills, knowledge and tools to be successful in their role. This includes development in competencies, behaviours, technical and functional skills and leadership plus development opportunities such as on-the-job experiences, coaching and training.

SAHMRI is proud to offer a Mentoring Program to its community. Mentoring is a voluntary, confidential relationship that is an effective development method. It is a key component in maintaining and reinforcing a culture of collaboration and leadership development with SAHMRI.

SAHMRI has an on-site EFM Health Club and SAHMRI community members have access to discounted membership at the nearby UniSA gym which includes a swimming pool.

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