Leave A Gift In Your Will

A bequest to SAHMRI in your Will is a gift of good health for future generations.
Leave A Gift In Your Will

Help SAHMRI create a brighter future for the people you love

Our research, your legacy

One of the most significant ways you can help us find treatments and cures for today's greatest health challenges is to leave a gift to SAHMRI in your Will.

Please consider remembering SAHMRI in your Will and help us turn research discoveries into tangible benefits for the community. A gift in your Will helps turn discoveries into cures, treatments, better health and longer lives for all of us.

“Our brilliant researchers are making a real, measurable impact to improve the health and wellbeing of people across South Australia and beyond, in areas that include premature birth, heart disease, diabetes, cancers, dementias and so much more.

Your gift to SAHMRI can push our vital research closer to the next life-changing discovery, taking us one step closer to a brighter future. By leaving a gift to SAHMRI in your Will, your legacy creates a lasting impact benefitting the health of all Australians.”

The Honourable Hieu Van Le AC
Chair of the SAHMRI Board

Write Your Free Online Will

SAHMRI has partnered with Gathered Here to offer a free online Will writing service, making it simple to write or change your Will. It is important to discuss your intentions with your loved ones first and we encourage you to see professional legal advice.

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By including SAHMRI in your will, you can change lives by helping us:

  • discover treatments for people living with Alzheimer's disease
  • get cutting-edge cancer research into clinics - and patients - as soon as possible
  • find better ways to treat depression
  • empower Aboriginal communities to direct the research that affects them
  • uncover why so many people suffer heart attacks
  • understand how our immune system interacts with vaccines
  • create the best possible outcomes for mothers and their babies

You have the power to achieve this and much more.

The purpose of your gift

Leaving a gift in your Will is called a bequest.

Your bequest can be for the general purpose of health and medical research. This allows SAHMRI the flexibility to direct your bequest to the area of most need or closest to a medical breakthrough at the time. This can make the most significant impact on the health and wellbeing of South Australians in the future.

If you prefer, we can ensure your gift supports the area you are most passionate about.

A legacy for better health

“Visiting SAHMRI was an illuminating experience. It’s impressive to see real progress being made across many research areas, which will benefit so many people and their loved ones.

I’m leaving a gift in my Will to SAHMRI to help further their work – doing what I can to make a difference.”

Bev Harvey
Walker Society Member

Types of Gift in your Will

It's easy to remember SAHMRI in your Will and there are several ways you can make a bequest:

  • A residual gift, which is the remainder of your estate after other gifts have been made
  • A percentage of your estate
  • A specified sum of cash
  • Items such as property, shares, artwork, etc.

"I give to the South Australian Health and Medical Research Institute Limited, ABN 54 141 228 346, (choose one of the following:)

  1. all of my residuary estate
  2. .................. percentage of my residuary estate
  3. the sum of $.........
  4. [list of asset/s]

to be applied for the purposes of health and medical research by the institute. I declare that the receipt of a director of the institute or other authorised officer is a sufficient discharge to my executors, who will not be bound to the application of this gift."

If you wish to support a particular area or research topic, we encourage you to discuss it with SAHMRI staff first to help us understand your intentions. It is safest to include an alternative, such as "to be applied for the purposes of health and medical research relating to cancer/heart/mental health or similar research."

The Walker Society

The Walker Society is named for our first bequester, Helen Walker OAM, and recognises our special community of supporters who have left a gift to SAHMRI in their Will. We would love to welcome you to the Walker Society to meet your peers and keep up to date with our latest achievements and health discoveries.

Please let us know if you have included SAHMRI in your Will so that we can ensure your wishes can be carried out, and we will also respect your decision to remain anonymous is preferred.

Get In Touch

For a confidential discussion about leaving a gift to SAHMRI in your Will, please get in touch with:

Alexandra Bassett
Fundraising Manager
08 8128 4329

You are under no obligation, and the conversation will be strictly confidential.