Discovery Circle

Join an exclusive group of benefactors changing the world through medical research.
Discovery Circle

Work together to accelerate life-saving discoveries at SAHMRI.

Our Discovery Circle brings together a group of committed donors who share a passion for life-changing research and are determined to make a powerful impact on improving the health and well-being of our community.

As a member, you'll meet annually to decide collectively which research projects to support for the year.

We ask you to donate $5,000 to join our Discovery Circle. All donations are tax-deductible and go wholly and directly to the chosen research project. The cumulative potential of this Discovery Circle is immense. Your donations combine to create a substantial, meaningful investment in inspiring projects with the potential for wide-ranging impact.

Please join this special circle of supporters and have a say in the future of SAHMRI's research.

To learn more and make your first donation please contact our Fundraising Manager, Alex Bassett, at or on 08 8128 4329.

How it works

Join the Discovery Circle, and you'll be part of an exclusive group of benefactors determined to improve the world through medical research.

As a Discovery Circle member, you will:

  • Commit to investing a minimum of $5,000, with the option to re-commit each year and the ability to pay in monthly instalments
  • After hearing SAHMRI researchers present their work, you decide with your fellow members which project to support with the pool of funds
  • Be kept up-to-date with progress on the projects you've supported
  • Receive recognition of our support on the Discovery Circle Honour Board in SAHMRI's foyer and our Annual Report
  • Have opportunities to network with your fellow Discovery Circle philanthropists – each one passionate about turning research discoveries into preventions, treatments and cures.

"Why I'm committed to SAHMRI's Discovery Circle"

I believe all South Australians should have the opportunity to live long, active and healthy lives. While not all of us can find the cure to cancer, we can support the researchers who can find solutions.

I could have just made a donation, but I like how the Discovery Circle program connects me to SAHMRI's researchers. They have so much potential; their talent and dedication will discover life-changing and life-saving advances.

By directly supporting them, I'm hopeful that SAHMRI's researchers can enable all of us to have disease-free lives and the opportunity to thrive.

Please join us.

Kathryn House AM
Discovery Circle Member

"A beacon in the face of life's unpredictable challenges"

Amidst the myriad of choices for donations, I've chosen the SAHMRI Discovery Circle, driven by profound personal experiences and the indomitable spirit of two individuals close to my heart.

My sister's battle with triple-negative breast cancer at 32, who passed five years later, its relentless resurgence despite all efforts, is a stark reminder of the urgent need for research breakthroughs. Equally inspiring is my colleague's ten-year journey battling adenoid cystic tongue cancer, diagnosed at 35 years old, defying grim odds.

Both stories underscore the pivotal role of research in discovering novel treatments and improved screening methods. SAHMRI represents hope, the prospect of effective treatments with fewer side effects, a beacon in the face of life's unpredictable challenges.

Dr Evelyn Yap OAM
Discovery Circle Member

Discovery Circle Members

  • AirTouch
  • Aaron Blabey
  • Kirstie Blabey
  • Paul and Paula Bonney
  • Robert and Peggy Brookes
  • Julian Burton OAM and Kay Burton
  • Wee Keat Chan
  • Foskett Foundation
  • Graeme Hayes
  • Karen Hayes AM DSJ
  • Kathryn House AM
  • Nick House
  • Roger Lang
  • Jennifer Richter AM
  • Shaun Rolevink
  • Don Sarah AM
  • Ian and Kathryn Sargent
  • Dr Lea Thin Seow
  • John Watts
  • Paul Wheelton AM KGSJ and Angela Wheelton OAM DSJ
  • Dr Evelyn Yap OAM
  • Eric and Ivy Yeoh

We invite you to join this group of like-minded philanthropists to create a world where we don't just live longer, but live better lives.

To learn more, please contact our Fundraising Manager, Alex Bassett, at or on 08 8128 4329.

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