A Window on SAHMRI Podcast

Giving you an insight into the people and research that makes SAHMRI the institute it is.
A Window on SAHMRI Podcast

Ever wondered what goes on behind the windows at SAHMRI?

Here's your chance to meet the researchers of SAHMRI; the brightest minds from around the globe who are striving to beat the biggest health challenges we are facing.

A Window on SAHMRI brings you exclusive interviews with SAHMRI researchers and covers everything from what their research is, to how and why they found themselves in the industry, and who they are outside the lab.

Episode 21

Matthew Kemsley

Project Officer, Health Systems Research
Aboriginal Health Equity

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Episode 18

Episode 17

Episode 16

Episode 15

Episode 14

Joep Van Agteren, Monique Newberry and
Matthew Iasiello

Be Well Co
Lifelong Health

Episode 13

Julia Scott

PhD Candidate, Prostate Cancer Research Group
Precision Cancer Medicine

Episode 12

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Episode 8

Episode 7

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Episode 3

Eugene Warrior

Senior Engagement & Knowledge Broker
Aboriginal Health Equity Theme

Episode 2

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