Community Engagement in Research

How can you be involved in our research?
Community Engagement in Research

Since its inception SAHMRI has been committed to meaningful Community and Consumer Engagement (CCE) in research.

As a community member, we believe you are well placed to bring a community perspective to our research. You might also have had specific health related experiences, either personally or in caring for others. Through these experiences, you will have been a ‘consumer’ of health and medical services and now have observations, thoughts and ideas that can be helpful to inform more specific areas of research across SAHMRI and Health Translation SA.

community and consumer consultation

SAHMRI, in partnership with Health Translation SA (HTSA), is committed to the engagement of community members across all stages of research:

  • Preparation - Deciding what to research and how to do it.
  • Execution - Doing the research.
  • Translation/Impact - Making sure the research findings change clinical practice, policy and education.

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Examples of how consumers can be involved in research include:

  • Informing the design of research studies.
  • Reviewing grant applications or other research documents.
  • Participating in community advisory groups or lab meetings.
  • Assisting in writing patient information and consent forms for clinical trials.
  • Giving feedback on the public messages about new research findings.
  • Helping disseminate research findings among your informal or formal networks.
  • Co-presenting on research findings at conferences.
  • Providing advice about how research findings can be translated into clinical practice, policy and education.
  • Collaborating with researchers to evaluate the research process.

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Once you have registered, you will be notified of community engagement opportunities via email and will be invited to submit an expression of interest. Each community engagement opportunity will include specific details about how to register your interest. As this is a new way of SAHMRI and Health Translation SA engaging with community members, it may take a little while for community engagement opportunities to become available. We appreciate your patience.

We will rely on you to keep your contact details up-to-date. Please email if you need to make any changes.

Reimbursement and sitting fee arrangements will be detailed within each expression of interest. As a guide, please download SAHMRI’s Policy for Reimbursement and/or Sitting Fees of Advisory Groups.

Please email if you would like your name removed from the register.