Involving Consumers and Community in your research

Consumer and Community Engagement can significantly improve the quality and impact of research
Involving Consumers and Community in your research

The push for community-driven research has never been stronger. It is increasingly important for achieving NHMRC and MRFF grant success and boosts the success and impact of research outcomes. But, like many aspects of research, the toughest part can be knowing where to start.

Doctor and patient

SAHMRI’s Community Interest Register has more than 100 people who are ready, willing and able to make meaningful contributions to research, right now.

In addition to that, SAHMRI’s Research Office and Health Translation SA are standing by to take researchers step-by step through how to maximise the benefits of Consumer and Community Engagement (CCE).

If you are a SAHMRI researcher wanting to take your research to the next level through CCE, contact

The Research Office is familiar with the engagement of community and consumers in the research cycle and can link you with experts or resources to address aspects of your current project or grant submission.