Women and Kids

Giving our kids the best start to life
Women and Kids

Children make up 25% of our population but are responsible for 100% of our future.

The vision of SAHMRI Women and Kids is to improve the health and wellbeing of women and families and ensure that all children can reach their full potential by improving access to quality maternal and perinatal health care. Our team strives to ensure all children have adequate nutrition and reduced exposures that contribute to non-communicable diseases.

SAHMRI Women and Kids largely focuses on prevention – reducing the risk of early birth, preventing stillbirth, avoiding some of the diseases of prematurity by improving feeding and health care practices, preventing neurodisability, improving neurobehavioural outcomes and reducing the burdens of childhood allergies. This focus is strongly supported by modelling from both the World Health Organization and the World Bank showing that investment in the early years, from conception to 5 years, will help address inequality while promoting health and wellbeing and boosting productivity later in life.

To deliver their vision, the SAHMRI Women and Kids team works in partnership with health services and community organisations. This is enabled by co-location of theme staff at the Women’s and Children’s Hospital and the Flinders Medical Centre.