Core Facilities

Core Facilities

We support and enable world class research.

SAHMRI houses a comprehensive suite of equipment and expertise to deliver sophisticated analysis and research support to researchers, partners and health services locally, nationally and internationally.

Specialty services include proteomics, lipidomics and metabolomics, MS-imaging, flow cytometry, light microscopy & laser capture, histology, cryogenics and bioresources.

SAHMRI's Core Facilities provide access to our collection of shared research resources, including equipment, facilities and services, as well as our expertise and consultation. We operate world-class facilities in areas such as medical imaging, pathology, cryogenics and animal research.

Some facilities are available to external researchers on a per-use basis, where others are available through collaboration with SAHMRI staff. Contact information for each facility and resource is available throughout this site: please get in touch, and we'll be happy to assist you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Please contact the Core Facility manager and they will assist you with the process.

Visit our Parking and Transport page for information on how to access SAHMRI.

Equipment that are available to use can be booked via ACLS.

If you don’t have an ACLS account, simply register by filling out the registration form on the ACLS landing page.

Please include the following statement in your manuscript or scientific publications.

“The authors acknowledge the facilities and scientific and technical assistance of [insert name of core facilities], at the South Australian Health and Medical Institute (SAHMRI).”

Please inform us of your publications by either sending us an email so we can update your publication in our records, or directly by entering your publication details onto the ACLS website using My Publications tab. Your publications help support our facility grant which assists in keeping the Core Facilities running.

Please include the SAHMRI logo or acknowledgement text above where possible, and let us know how SAHMRI Core Facilities is helping your research via

A complete list of our equipment and services can be seen here.

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