Your partner in research facility health monitoring

ComPath is committed to be your partner in Research Facility Health Monitoring.

With over 30 years’ experience in the industry we have adapted and grown to suit the changing needs of Biomedical Research. Our specialised team provides services including Serology, Molecular Diagnostics, Bacteriology, Parasitology, Disease Investigation and Pathology Consultation Services Australia-wide and within the Asia-Pacific region.

Based within SAHMRI, we understand the needs and demands of research. We know you need accurate, reliable and fast results to be competitive in the research arena. That’s why we strive for the best turnaround times in Australia. In addition to our extensive range of testing solutions we also have access to SAHMRI researcher expertise. We are committed to client satisfaction. We provide our clients with unparalleled service standards.

ComPath has a strong relationship with the Department of Agriculture, Water & the Environment (DAWE) enabling us to perform Quarantine clearance testing as well as hold animals in Approved Arrangements on site. ComPath operates under strict Quality Management Systems and was amongst the first in Australia to gain compliance with the newest version of the standard – ISO 9001:2015.

Our services

ComPath uses commercially sourced and validated EIA plates and IFA slides for all serology testing. Our qualified scientists closely monitor all testing to ensure the highest quality results. Assistance in report interpretation is available and all enquiries are welcome. Our panels are based on those recommended by the internationally recognised Federation of Laboratory Animals Science Association (FELASA), but these panels have also been generated based on pathogen/agent prevalence reported within Australia.

Comprehensive serology panels are available for mice and rats, and species-specific panels are available for guinea pigs and rabbits. Additionally, individual agent assays are available for all the above species. We can modify serology panels to suit your facility’s individual needs, ensuring you have personalised service and support for your valuable colonies.

ComPath has performed extensive validation studies on the use of dried blood spot cards as a means of sample delivery. Dried blood spot technology provides an excellent alternative to serum for serological monitoring of mice and rats as it can significantly reduce labour and transport costs as well as minimising the need for lethal blood collection. ComPath can supply consumables for dried blood spot testing upon request.

ComPath’s Molecular Diagnostics Laboratory is run by our highly qualified PCR scientists. We offer a comprehensive range of real time PCR assays to aid in the detection of infectious agents in specimens such as tissues, cell line, faeces and environmental samples. Separate rooms are used for nucleic extraction, PCR set-up and interpretation of results to prevent cross-contamination between these steps.

ComPath utilises the latest technology available with DNA/RNA extractions performed using magnetic bead technology to maximise nucleic acid recovery. Our TaqMan qPCR assays offer highly sensitive and specific results while the quantitative nature of the assay allows further context to be placed around positive results.

The ComPath R&D team has committed many hours to investigating and analysing the use of environmental samples (e.g. Tecniplast Interceptor filter, Allentown Sentinel filter, cage swabs etc.) as a means of health monitoring surveillance. Our studies have corresponded with published peer-reviewed papers proving that environmental testing is a comparable, and in many cases more sensitive approach, than soiled-bedding sentinel screening. ComPath now offers PCR testing for every FELASA recommended pathogen and opportunistic agent which means that environmental sampling can be used as a primary screening method in your facility.

Our PCR team are constantly working to design and validate new PCR tests and we are happy to work with you to incorporate specific requests as required.

At ComPath we have a purpose-built bacteriology laboratory able to accommodate high-volume sample processing and quality analysis of all bacteriology samples sent for testing.

In our health monitoring packages, samples from live animals are routinely collected aseptically from respiratory and enteric tracts. These respiratory and enteric samples are primarily screened for microorganisms which comprise both primary and opportunistic pathogens of laboratory animals. Some reported organisms comprise low-level opportunists which are widely considered commensal bacteria and their presence in the normal flora of a healthy laboratory rodent is often of little significance. All bacterial cultures are identified using selective media and commercial identification kits. All listed organisms can also be confirmed by PCR on request. Any “Other Pasteurellaceae” positives will be excluded as being P.pneumotropica (Rodentibacter heylii & pneumotropicus) by our specific PCR at no additional charge.

Disease investigation samples can be taken from lesions, skin and normally sterile sites, and our staff are trained to identify the most appropriate sampling sites. Microbiological testing can also provide an independent evaluation of the effectiveness of disinfection regimes.

Comprehensive endo- and ectoparasite screenings are part of all our standard “HM” profiles. Our scientists are highly trained in parasite identification and our state-of-the-art microscopes can capture still and/or active pictures of any observed organism for further confirmatory identification or for your records and training.

Our scientists have extensive knowledge in the field. We are happy to provide advice on sample collection, suitable sites for maximum pathogen recovery, disease investigation and routine bacteriological testing for health monitoring purposes.

ComPath provides a range of pathology services designed to accommodate both disease investigation and routine health monitoring schedules. Our pathology laboratory offers the ability for high throughput sample collection and analysis. Our staff are trained in gross necropsy techniques and can readily identify gross lesions. In all our health monitoring packages, gross lesions are processed and reported at no extra cost. Comprehensive routine histopathology on grossly normal tissues is also available on request.

For disease investigation cases, histopathology samples can be received by the lab in formalin for processing, or arrangements can be made for live animals to be sent, allowing you to concentrate on your research. Disease investigation samples can be taken from lesions, skin and normally sterile sites of animals with our staff trained to identify the most appropriate sampling sites.

All histopathological interpretations are provided by consultant Pathologists. Additional comments relative to research implications and disease management as appropriate will be made by our Veterinarians.

In addition to routine histology and pathology procedures, specialist services such as specific stains and electronic imaging are also available.

Basic and comprehensive live animal panels are available and are a combination of all our services to give you the most complete health monitoring for your animals.

Live animals must be scheduled with ComPath. Please contact the Lab.

ComPath has a strong reputation as a leader in Laboratory Animal Science and Health Monitoring testing. We pride ourselves on keeping up with the latest trends in testing and our team of resident veterinary specialists and scientists are dedicated to supporting you and your facility by providing expert advice and consultation on any matter. Given our Veterinarian consultants have extensive experience in the management of animal facilities, the advice and insights that can be offered are directly relevant and unmatched by other providers. Whether it is regarding animal health, symptoms, outbreak management, treatment, or minimisation strategies and how to integrate this into your animal facility Standard Operating Procedures, we are Your Partner in Research Animal Facility Health Monitoring.

Through our contact network at SAHMRI and SA Pathology we have access to internationally recognised specialists in all fields of testing which we can utilise to confirm results or perform additional services such as bacterial sequencing and comprehensive microbial sensitivity testing.


ComPath is always striving to make life easier for our clients and the ComPath Online Reporting Application (affectionately known as CORA) enables clients to better manage and organise their health monitoring programs.

CORA is a web-based application that allows you to be in control of entering samples and tests in your own time (or as a Manager you can view all those that have been sent from your facility from your staff), and track reports as they become available from any device at work or home. CORA archives all reports so it has never been easier to monitor what is going on in your facility. Furthermore, reports are available for download either in PDF format or in an easy to use Excel spreadsheet giving you the flexibility to distribute and record results as you like.

To access the system please email to request login access. Once registered, CORA is available online via this link.

If you have any questions on CORA please do not hesitate to contact us.


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