A monthly gift in memory of a beloved daughter

17 Sep 2016
A monthly gift in memory of a beloved daughter

Adele Millar was 27 when she died. A fiercely independent woman, her diagnosis with Stage 4 melanoma on her shin didn’t slow her down.  

Operations, skin grafts, complications, and the fast spreading melanomas appearing on her thigh – Adele managed each challenge with her characteristic flair. 

Adele’s shifting prognosis 

It took 18 months for the melanoma to surface in her brain. 

At this point she was told it was inoperable and was advised to have two weeks of  radiation treatment in the hope it might give her six to 12 months. 

At the end of the treatment came the heartbreaking phone call from the radiologist – the melanoma had not responded to the treatment and Adele had weeks - not months - to live. 

A tremendous loss, and a reason to give 

Two weeks before she died, Adele came home from Sydney to her mum and dad, Trevor and Jenny. They nursed her through her last days. They live with the grief of losing Adele every day. 

Trevor and Jenny donate to SAHMRI every month because they want to give something back. “We want to support every area of research – not just cancer. It’s important for us that our donations make a difference. When we give to SAHMRI each month, we know it’s a gift that will help people for generations to come.” 

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