Mental health merger to deliver greater impact

01 Jul 2024
Mental health merger to deliver greater impact

SAHMRI is pleased to announce that its commercial wellbeing entity Be Well Co has merged with The Oranges Toolkit – a leading social enterprise providing corporate wellbeing programs.

The union marks a significant step forward in reshaping the landscape of workplace health, by integrating comprehensive mental health services with proven, scientifically-grounded wellbeing programs.

Since its inception, at SAHMRI, Be Well Co has reached more than 40,000 Australians while working with more than 50 organisations.

Dr Joep van Agteren, the co-founder of Be Well Co, says the partnership with The Oranges Toolkit is an exciting strategic growth opportunity.

“Be Well Co was created and supported by SAHMRI to translate our mental health and wellbeing research into training programs that help organisations boost the mental fitness of their workforces,” he said.

“Ultimately, however, SAHMRI’s focus is research, and Be Well Co is now at the stage where we need a new partnership to keep evolving our commercial services and deliver them nationally.”

The Oranges Toolkit CEO, Nicole Rogerson, welcomed the merger as a transformative opportunity for both organisations.

“By coming together, we are creating a market leader with comprehensive solutions that address the full spectrum of mental health and wellbeing challenges faced by Australians,” she said.

Backed by rigorous scientific evidence, Be Well Co has become an established provider of mental health and wellbeing services, offering a range of person- and technology-driven solutions across different contexts, from workplaces to community and health services.

Be Well Co merger
The Oranges Toolkit CEO Nicole Rogerson & Be Well Co Co-Founder Joep Van Agteren

The Oranges Toolkit is a subsidiary of Camp Quality, with profits reinvested into supporting children who are facing cancer. The Oranges Toolkit is committed to enhancing workplace environments through innovative training and comprehensive health solutions.

Ms Rogerson says bringing these two organisations together provides wide-ranging benefits.

“Our combined expertise will drive innovation with increased investments in research and development, leading to cutting-edge, evidence-based training solutions.

“Plus, the strengths and market presence of both companies will extend their reach, impacting a larger audience and integrating services across various industries.”

The growth of SAHMRI’s mental health and wellbeing research into evidence-based applications that enabled the formation of Be Well Co has been generously supported by the likes of the James and Diana Ramsay Foundation, Fay Fuller Foundation and Wyatt Trust.

SAHMRI is proud of Be Well Co’s achievements to date and is looking forward to seeing it flourish in its merger with The Oranges Toolkit.