Be Well Co kicks off Tasmanian mental health campaign

16 Nov 2023
Be Well Co kicks off Tasmanian mental health campaign

SAHMRI’s Be Well Co has partnered with the Mental Health Council of Tasmania (MHCT) on a new campaign designed to empower Tasmanians to understand, value, and take charge of their own mental health and wellbeing.

Dr Joep van Agteren and Dr Matthew Iasiello from Be Well Co have been working with MHCT and other partner organisations try and overcome some of the challenges that affected the impact of previous campaigns

This campaign brings together Be Well Co’s behaviour change research and their signature strength-based approach, to design a campaign that is engaging and fun to do, as individuals or (even better) as groups of people. The aim was to design a mental health campaign that doesn’t feel like you are being asked to work on your mental health.

“We’re inviting Tasmanians to reflect and connect with the things, activity and people that are important to them, and get joy and meaning from,” Dr Iasiello said.

“We want to do this in fun ways that anyone can get into. The challenge, for example, uses the photos we already have in our camera roll as an enjoyable way to help to see the positives in life that we easily overlook.”

MHCT CEO, Connie Digolis, says that typical mental health campaigns have taught people to reach out for help when they notice things aren’t going well.

Take a minute is different. Instead of waiting until someone notices a dip in their mental health before doing something about it, this campaign encourages Tasmanians to take a proactive approach and do things that help them maintain and even boost their wellbeing.

“There is overwhelming evidence that taking a proactive, preventative approach to our mental health and wellbeing leads to better mental health outcomes for individuals, families, and communities, while also reducing the stigma that can be a barrier to people taking action sooner. That is why Take a minute is particularly exciting, as it marks a significant step towards a mentally healthier Tasmania.”

While the campaign consists of a range of elements and activities, Take a minute is initially being brought to life with the 7 minute challenge, which asks people to Take a minute each day for seven days to reflect on some of the things that make them feel good, help them relax and unwind, and give their life purpose and meaning.

“We are partnering with businesses, councils, clubs, community groups and other organisations across the state to help bring the campaign to Tasmanians, wherever they live work or play.” said Ms Digolis.

“We collaborate with partners to help them tailor and implement the activities. We also provide ongoing guidance and other resources that help bring the campaign to life in a way that works best for their organisations and audiences.”

Other businesses and organisations are also being invited to sign up as partners.

At the time of launch MHCT has already established partnerships with Asthma Australia Tasmania, Central Coast Council, Derwent Valley Council, Huon Valley Council, JCP Youth, Lifeline Tasmania, Live Well Tasmania, New Mornings, Relationships Australia Tasmania, and Volunteering Tasmania, who will now begin implementing the campaign across their workforces and with their clients and communities.

People can find out more about the campaign and get involved at

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