Joep Van Agteren

    MSc. Psychology
    • Flinders University
    Joep Van Agteren

    Joep van Agteren is a behaviour change and mental health researcher, with a keen interest in evidence-based intervention development, using formative research via systematic reviews and qualitative research to underpin research projects, and the use of technology in improving health and wellbeing.

    After completing his BSc. and MSc. in Psychology at Maastricht in the Netherlands, he moved to Australia and started the role of researcher for the Respiratory Medicine department at the Queen Elizabeth hospital, where his work predominantly focused on improving models of care and ensuring implementation of evidence-based care in practice.

    After 2 years, he made the move to the Wellbeing and Resilience Centre (WRC), within the Mental Health and Wellbeing program, where he works as the Research Lead. he works across a number of portfolios, including the development of wellbeing and resilience programs, assisting in the development of WRC technology solutions, business development and general research coordination. These diverse responsibilities all serve one overarching purpose: to advance the science of wellbeing and resilience, to provide people with skills to overcome and grow after adversity, and to allow community members and the community as a whole to thrive and lead the best lives they possibly can.

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