Be Well Plan adapted to help first responders build wellbeing

28 Feb 2024
Be Well Plan adapted to help first responders build wellbeing

Research shows emergency service personnel are twice as likely to develop anxiety, depression, and PTSD, and a new Flinders University support program based on Be Well Co’s ‘Be Well Plan’, is aiming to prevent the onset of mental health conditions for first responders.

SAHMRI, Be Well Co and Flinders University are testing tailored programs to help improve the mental health of early-career staff and their significant others.

With over 500 South Australian first responders and their significant others signing up to date, the skills and early interventions provided in the program named ‘Protecting Emergency Responders with Evidence-Based Interventions’ (PEREI) are already rated highly.

Launched in 2023, PEREI brings together South Australia Police (SAPOL), the Metropolitan Fire Service (MFS) and the SA Country Fire Service (CFS) and is funded through Movember and the Breakthrough Mental Health Research Foundation.

The program offers a three pronged approach covering key areas critical to maintaining good mental health - an individual's coping strategies, support network, and supervisor's knowledge and communication around mental health.

The first aim of the study gives early career staff access to a tailored program that aims to help them improve their own wellbeing. The second aims relies on a specially modified version of the already established, Be Well Plan developed by Be Well Co, to improve the wellbeing of significant others. They will be participating in online modules and will also have access to a Wellbeing Coach to provide support during and after the program. Finally, supervisors will be offered training to support early career staff.

The study is still looking for significant others to sign up. Entry to the PEREI program is open until the end of March, with all eligible participants who sign up before the end date guaranteed a spot.

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