Biomarkers in ME/CFS sufferers

A two-phase design
Biomarkers in ME/CFS sufferers
Project Status: In progress
Project administered by: SAHMRI

Myalgic encephalomyelitis chronic fatigue syndrome (MECFS) often develops following a viral infection and can disrupt usual life activities and sleep.

We would like to track the differences in potential MECFS biomarkers over time. We will take blood samples at two times within a year to determine what changes are occurring in the body. Ideally we would like to compare a day of feeling relatively well and a day when you feel less well. We will compare changes in people with MECFS and a group of controls (those without MECFS). All participants will be aged 18-65 years.

This team investigates potential genetic and inflammatory biomarkers in MECFS suffers. South Australian study participants include those with MECFS and a reference group without MECFS. Our preliminary study examined circadian expression levels of selected cytokines in peripheral blood in conjunction with medical biochemistry and a range of other measures. Participants are currently being recruited for the next two phases of the study.

This project is funded by the Mason Foundation