Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Diabetes-Related Foot Complications Program

Project Status: In progress
Project administered by: SAHMRI

Below are a number of resources available for clinicians and policy makers who are looking for information on diabetes-related foot complications.

Please ensure you acknowledge us when using any of the resources by citing "Courtesy: SAHMRI Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Diabetes-related Foot Complications Program". Please also take note and follow any requirements from our partner organisations as per their policies and requests available in our library. If in doubt, please contact astrid.melchers@sahmri.com.

Localised Community Resources

The people, families, and communities of Mparntwe (Alice Springs) and surrounding areas have led the Ingke Arntarnte-areme (Looking After Feet) Program team in creating a series of resources that talk about how diabetes can affect our feet.

Find out what can you do to look after your feet and keep them healthy using our resources, housed on the Congress YouTube Channel, the Congress Looking After Feet Program landing page, and in the Looking After Feet phone app in the App Store, or GooglePlay!

Localised Workforce Training

Katherine West Health Board developed localised “Screening for Diabetes Foot Risk” targeted at primary health care staff from the Aboriginal Medical Services of the Big Rivers (Katherine) region of the Northern Territory.

The training is copyright of Katherine West Health Board. It must not be reproduced, printed, sold, altered or profited from without the written permission from Katherine West Health Board.

Telehealth Foot Service Program

The Telehealth Foot Service is a culturally responsive high risk multi-disciplinary Telehealth Foot Service, aiming to support patients, their family/carers, and community health providers living in regional, rural, remote and isolated locations in the management of acute diabetes related foot complications in order to reduce lower limb amputations.

Symposium Recording

In September 2021, SAHMRI facilitated an online symposium for the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Diabetes-related Foot Complications Program. Regional coordinators and staff from South Australia, Central Australia, the Top End of the Northern Territory, the Kimberley region in Western Australia and Far North Queensland and members of the program’s Expert Advisory Committee provided an insight into the program and the progress of the important work to address diabetes-related foot complications for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities.