How to Address the ‘Shocking Tale of Neglect’ in Aged Care

Improving aged care through transparency, accountability, and the use of high-quality analytics
How to Address the ‘Shocking Tale of Neglect’ in Aged Care
Project Status: In progress
Project administered by: The University of South Australia

My research vision for the next five years is to improve the delivery and quality of aged care services using routinely collected population-based data and sophisticated analytical techniques.

Population-based health surveillance measures and an understanding of unwarranted variation are required to evaluate service systems and support the development of evidence-based improvement initiatives.

Quality improvement tools, like prognostic models such as risk profiling, provide an opportunity for aged care providers and consumers to reflect on modifiable risk factors and address best care pathways and action plans.

Together, the implementation of a pragmatic monitoring system, development of risk profiling tools and rigorous research are required to improve quality and safety of services provided to older Australians.

This project is funded by the National Health and Medical Research Council