Yasamin Veziari

Yasamin Veziari

Yasamin is a registered nurse and full-time research fellow in the Wardliparingga Aboriginal Health Equity theme. She joined the team in December 2022 to investigate culturally appropriate models of aged care for older Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. In 2022, Yasamin was awarded her PhD doctorate at the University of South Australia for her thesis, ‘Barriers and Enablers to the conduct and application of research among complementary and alternative medicine professions in Australia and New Zealand’. This research aligns with public health, health services and evidence-based practice with relevance to clinicians, educators, researchers, consumers, and policymakers. Yasamin has collaborated with more than 26 distinct disciplines, 30 agencies including academic and research institutions across Australia and New Zealand and including ANTAC (The Anangu Ngangkari Tjutaku Aboriginal Corporation) in Adelaide.

Yasamin’s academic and research-based roles have included marking exams and assignments and tutoring undergraduate students at the University of South Australia across Allied Health disciplines in Introduction to Evidence-based Practice and Research in Health Sciences, Advanced Evidence-based Practice, and Health Systems and Services. Additionally, Yasamin has also assisted in research within the UniSA Australian Centre for Child Protection and with Southern Cross University in the area of implementation science. At the JBI Evidence Synthesis unit, Yasamin has instructed nationally and internationally, on the JBI model of evidence-based healthcare and JBI guidance for protocol development and the conduct of JBI systematic and scoping reviews.

Currently, Yasamin is on the supervisory team as an industry partner for a master’s research being conducted at the University of South Australia to explore the types of mindfulness-based interventions used in clinical/professional settings and the understanding of mindfulness-based practice among clinicians. Additionally, Yasamin has mentored undergraduate registered nurses to motivate and help understand research assignments.

With the increasing focus on quality and safety of healthcare (conventional, complementary, or traditional), Yasamin is interested to address knowledge gaps and to build an evidence base for interventions and services which can provide an important safeguard; and where evidence is available, establish strategies to facilitate the application of that evidence into practice to enable consumers and clinicians to make better informed decisions.

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