Emeritus Professor John Hopwood AM FAA

  • Former Board Member
Emeritus Professor John Hopwood AM FAA

Emeritus Professor John Hopwood established the SAHMRI-based Lysosomal Diseases Research Unit (LDRU) - a large multidisciplinary group researching lysosomal storage disorders nationally and internationally.

Under Professor Hopwood's stewardship, the LDRU has become world-renowned for its research capabilities and the translation of research findings into state-of-the-art diagnostic services and therapeutics. The LDRU has remained at the international forefront of research into the diagnosis, treatment and biology of lysosomal diseases.

The LDRU has generated several world firsts, particularly the isolation of the genes involved in some of these disorders and the development of novel FDA-approved treatments for two disorders in 2005 and 2006 which were marketed world-wide. These discoveries have led to improved quality of life for patients and multi-million dollar royalty returns to South Australia. This represents one of the largest public sector commercialisation outcomes in South Australia and possibly Australia.

Professor Hopwood has mentored 23 PhD students and 35 postdoctoral scientists. He has more than 400 peer-reviewed scientific publications, more than 30 international patents and has won more than $35 million in competitive research funding.