SA Aboriginal Chronic Disease Consortium Foundations

SA Aboriginal Chronic Disease Consortium Foundations

Our Guiding Principles

  • Aboriginal health is everybody’s business.
  • Aboriginal leadership is essential.
  • Prioritise community participation.
  • Culturally safe care is essential.
  • Aboriginal primary care is a key driver of improved outcomes.
  • Family must be a focus/partners in care and interventions.
  • To improve health, the impact of the social barriers must be addressed.
  • Services must be consistent, available and accessible.
  • Activities must recognise and respect cultural diversity.
  • Use partnerships to plan, deliver and evaluate healthcare.
  • Provide holistic care which recognises comorbidities.
  • Focus on coordination and continuity of care.
  • Ensure commitment and accountability.

Our Artwork

Our artwork reflects the interdependence of prevention, care and after care to achieving the best health outcomes for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, highlighting the principles of the Consortium. The three central overlapping meeting places signify the across plan priorities of the 3 plans.

Diabetes is depicted by the blue meeting circle; heart and stroke by the red meeting circle; and cancer by the yellow meeting circle. The red, blue and yellow paths show the three plans collaborating and coming together to achieve the best health outcomes and the red paths show the Consortium reaching out to other organisations and communities, represented by the outer meeting circles, which are working together to maximise the effectiveness of the three plans. The small dots are the people going to the organisations and communities and being assisted by the work of the Consortium, and the pale blue puzzle pieces represent the organisations and communities giving the Consortium important feedback.

Launch Event

The Consortium was officially launched on May 18th 2017, with guests from partner organisations and Aboriginal communities. Our artwork was unveiled at the launch which was created by Jordan Lovegrove, a young Ngarrindjeri man who combines intimate knowledge of Aboriginal communities and illustration skills to develop outstanding Indigenous artwork.

Our guiding principles were also developed collaboratively during the launch event.

All member organisations signed the Statement of Commitment pledging their support to the principles and philosophy of the Consortium, with participants and their organisations showing their commitment by signing on the dotted line.