Science proves volunteering is good for you

28 Jun 2022
Science proves volunteering is good for you

Research Lead at SAHMRI's Be Well Co, Joep van Agteren, joined ABC Radio to chat about the benefits volunteering can have on the mental health of those who choose to volunteer.

"There is an established association between pro-social behaviours and good wellbeing and mental health," he said.

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Joep also introduced the current nation-wide study, made possible by a Movember fundraising grant and lead by SAHMRI and Flinders University.

Through incorporating case studies, focus groups and surveys, they team will investigate whether volunteering in disaster recovery could be one way to help veterans reintegrate into society.

"We often think of veterans as an at-risk group," he said.

"What we specifically want to look it is whether providing those volunteering services actually has a protective effect on their mental health."

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