SAHMRI to host state heart health showcase

20 Oct 2022
SAHMRI to host state heart health showcase

SAHMRI will welcome the state’s leading heart health researchers when it plays host to the South Australian Cardiovascular Showcase on October 28.

It will be the first-time cardiovascular experts from SAHMRI, UniSA, Flinders University and the Basil Hetzel Institute have come together to present and discuss the latest research in the field since the last showcase was held in 2018.

SAHMRI researchers will feature prominently on the day with presentations being delivered across a broad variety of cardiovascular related areas.

Associate Professor, Peter Psaltis, will focus on coronary artery disease, Kim Morey and Katharine Brown will present on heart health for Aboriginal women and Associate Professor, Christina Bursill, will dig into preventing atherosclerosis.

“We’re using a specific nanoparticle to identify plaque in the heart and reduce its build up, to prevent heart disease,” A/Prof Bursill said.

“This is just one of many examples of the exciting progress being made in the field locally and we’re looking forward to hearing what everyone has been up to.”

SAHMRI Director, Professor Steve Wesselingh, will join a panel discussion alongside Health Translation SA CEO, Wendy Keech, addressing how best to support the growth of local cardiovascular research and bring more attention to the important work being done.

State Health Minister, Chris Picton, is scheduled to attend the event, that aims to inspire a greater focus on heart disease, one of the country’s biggest killers that’s rarely publicised despite being responsible for 27% of deaths in Australia.

The institutes involved are pushing to form a South Australian Cardiovascular Network, aspiring to follow the blueprint that’s achieved success interstate.

The showcase starts at 8am and runs till 6pm in the SAHMRI auditorium and will not be open to the public.

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