Help us to create a BRIGHT future for all

A BRIGHT new change is coming SAHMRI’s way in 2022.

During difficult times for everyone over the past years, the SAHMRI BRIGHT Walk has brought communities and individuals together, keeping people motivated and creating a sense of social interaction when social distancing was at the front of all our minds.

This year, SAHMRI’s major peer-to-peer fundraiser is evolving into an in-person, powerful, illuminated one night experience, challenging participants to walk at night in the middle of Winter. Being held alongside the Illuminate Adelaide festival, walkers will be immersed in the spectacular light features and exclusive BRIGHT Walk installations.

Participants in the BRIGHT Walk for a brighter future will start their challenge in the cold and dark, experiencing a variety of spectacular light installations that get brighter and brighter along the route before reaching the finish line - bathed in warmth and light as a symbol of hope in our pursuit of a brighter, healthier future for all.

If you’re up to the challenge, walk with us and help brighten Adelaide in 2022!

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