Support SAHMRI's Painkillers

Support SAHMRI's Painkillers

Will you help Dr Joel Castro and his team of painkillers find new treatments for endometriosis?

For the 1 in 10 women who live with endometriosis, the pain is excruciating and it’s relentless. For many, the pelvic pain is so agonising at times, they cannot walk and can barely function.

All too often, endometriosis has life-changing consequences beyond the extreme pain it causes. In up to 50% of cases, it can leave women infertile. Surgery is the only way to remove the painful abdominal growths, but they often return and need further operations.

Dr Joel Castro and his research team at SAHMRI are determined to find ways to control the pelvic pain associated with endometriosis. And they need your help.

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“Our progress is promising, and what we learn from this research could potentially lead to breakthroughs in pain management for other inflammatory diseases. Your gift to my team’s research has the potential to improve so many lives. It is in everyone’s interest to find new treatments for endometriosis, and then a cure. But this area of medical research is incredibly underfunded.”

Dr Joel Castro
Head of Endometriosis Research, Visceral Pain Group
Hopwood Centre for Neurobiology, SAHMRI

There is currently no drug that can be used long-term to relieve the pain of endometriosis

Joel and his team of painkillers are looking at how pain from endometriosis is transmitted, and using that information to develop new therapeutic treatment options.

However, this area of medical research is incredibly underfunded. It affects twice as many women as diabetes, and yet research investment into diabetes is 20 times greater than endometriosis. Many women suffer in silence and it can take an average of seven years to diagnose.

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“I’ve lived with endometriosis since I was a teenager. I don’t want my daughter, or yours, to suffer from years of pain and frustration like I did. Surgery provided me with relief from the pain. But like so many other women, I’m likely to need additional surgery in the future to control the pain.

I’m determined to do everything I can to give women a future free from the agony of endometriosis.”

Dr Jessica Maddern
Endometriosis Researcher in Dr Joel Castro's team

We urge you to give generously and help end the pain felt by over 1 million Australian women

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