Dr Stuart Read

    Dr Stuart Read

    Stuart attended University of Adelaide as an undergraduate, Honours and PhD student. His PhD was awarded in 2001. The PhD project investigated a method of disruption of the signal transduction induced by the binding of stem cell factor to it’s receptor c-kit, a tyrosine kinase receptor expressed by haemopoietic stem cells. This work was conducted under the supervision of Professor Leonie Ashman. Following his PhD, Stuart spent 5 years as a Post-doc in the laboratory of Professor Sharad Kumar at the Hanson Institute/ IMVS in Adelaide. There his work included investigating the role of caspase-2 in apoptosis. Through this time Stuart obtained extensive experience in molecular biology techniques.

    In 2005, Stuart was appointed to the position of Curator at the Australian Phenomics Facility (APF) at the Australian National University, charged with the responsibility of establishing the Australian Phenome Bank (APB). In this role, Stuart led a team providing mouse sperm cryopreservation for archiving and distribution and established robust mouse IVF techniques for the recovery of strains. Since joining the APF, Stuart developed as a specialist in mouse strain data curation, phenotyping and experienced in animal facility management. During his time at APF Stuart managed Scientific Services, Operations, Husbandry, Colony Management and Genotyping.

    In 2019, Stuart was the Acting Head of Animal Services at ANU.

    During 2021-23 Stuart managed the Phenomics Translation Initiative, an MRFF funded, $10M Precision Medicine program.

    Stuart started work at SAHMRI in August 2023, as Head of Bioresources. He is passionate for providing high quality infrastructure for medical research.