Joanne Dono

  • Program Lead - Tobacco Control and Senior Behavioural Scientist - Food Policy and COVID-19 Analytics Health Policy Centre
Dr, BA (Psych, Hons), MPsych
Joanne Dono

Joanne Dono has over ten years of behavioural science research experience. During this time, Dr Dono has co-authored 30 peer reviewed publications and delivered numerous conference presentations. In addition, Dr Dono has authored over 50 reports in Tobacco Control which were commissioned by South Australian Government departments (e.g. DASSA, Country Health SA), Quit South Australia and Quit Tasmania. She has been involved in the design, implementation and management of numerous research and evaluation studies in Tobacco Control that have delivered evidence for health policy initiatives. She currently manages and coordinates various components of a research program exploring public health approaches to reducing sugary drink consumption. Dr Dono has experience in a variety of research methods, including undertaking qualitative studies that explore content and themes of text based documents (e.g. focus group transcripts, social media, websites), and quantitative studies that analyse numerical data derived from population-based questionnaires.

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