Associate Professor Sang Hong Lee

  • Associate Professor Australian Centre For Precision Health
Associate Professor Sang Hong Lee

Associate Professor Sang Hong Lee (Hong Lee) is the leader of the statistical genetics group at the Australian Centre for Precision Health at University of South Australia. He graduated from Dong-A University in S. Korea (Bachelor in 1998) and University of New England (PhD in 2006). Dr Lee has extensive experience in developing advanced statistical methods to estimate genetic variance and individual genetic effects based on phenotype-genotype association analyses. Currently, Dr Lee is focusing on understanding the genetic architecture of complex traits by tackling G x E interaction using advanced statistical models. His developed models and methods have been also widely used across multidisciplinary fields including human genetics, animal and plant breeding, evolutionary genetics and social and behavior science. The total number of his publications is > 100 that have ~27,000 citations to date and h-index 56.

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