Dr Courtney Hollis

  • Research Radiochemist Molecular Imaging And Therapy Research Unit
Dr Courtney Hollis

Courtney is a Research Radiochemist in the Molecular Imaging and Therapy Research Unit (MITRU) at SAHMRI. Her current research focuses on the production of clinically relevant radiometals such as 89Zr, 68Ga, 64Cu and 61Cu, from solid targets using cyclotron radiation. She is also involved in the development of automated purification techniques to safely furnish these radiometals in a form suitable for reaction with metal chelating groups conjugated to biological vectors. These vectors include peptides, antibodies and small drug-like molecules which target disease cells within the body delivering the radiometals for subsequent imaging via positron emission tomography (PET) or for therapeutic application. The synthesis and characterisation of radiometal chelators and their conjugation to biological vectors also forms an important part of her research.

Prior to joining SAHMRI in 2018, Courtney worked as a medicinal chemist at a small biopharmaceutical company, Bionomics Ltd. Her research focused on the development of a preclinical drug candidate for the treatment of chronic pain. This included the design, synthesis and scale up of small molecule compounds for in vitro and in vivo testing, with respect to ADME (Absorption, Distribution, Metabolism and Excretion) principles and the optimisation of pharmacokinetic properties.

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