Cindy Turner

  • Strategic Director, SAHMRI Registry Centre
Cindy Turner

Cindy Turner is the Strategic Director of the SAHMRI Registry Centre, a Centre of Excellence for Registries and Registry Science. Cindy is highly experienced in the management and development of Clinical Quality Registries with over 25 years’ experience in the Health and Welfare Sector in the design and development of community-based services. Cindy has a passion for transformational change management and improving patient outcomes. In addition to her experience in the registry Science Sector she has national experience involving the development and implementation of quality and consistency in service design for health, mental health, welfare and immigration sectors, with a focus on delivering quality services using a systems approach to achieve highly efficient and effective service delivery.

The SAHMRI Registry Centre was established to widen the institute’s existing role in the registry space and to expand capacity and training in this area.

The Centre’s goals are to:

  • Provide the best resources for registry building capacity
  • Lead registry science through collaborative opportunities for our scientists
  • Develop strong international and industry collaborations
  • Continue to support a shared learning environment within our organization 
  • Become a leading national and international registry centre.

Cindy’s current area of focus includes bringing together the collaboration of clinical registries, including those based within SAHMRI and member registries based externally. The collaboration includes some of Australia’s most significant national registries, bringing a wealth of experience and knowledge. In doing so the Centre provides for increased quality, efficiency, and cost effectiveness, maximising the value of the contributions and advancements made by member Registries.

Cindy’s skills and experiences include:

  • Strategic Planning 
  • Reporting 
  • Risk Management
  • Quality Assurance Systems and Quality Management 
  • Design and Development of Service Models Development of Policy and Standard Operating Procedure 
  • Oversight of Operational Implementation within state and national operations teams.

Career highlights include the management of the Australian Association National Joint Replacement Registry (AOANJRR), the largest procedure registry within Australia. Registry monitors the outcome of all arthroplasty procedures nationally.

Responsibility for the Life Without Barrier’s national immigration program for Refugee and Asylum Seekers, under the Commonwealth Government contract and the design and delivery of community based Mental Health and Disability Services.