SAHMRI wears it purple to support LGBTIQ+ community

16 Sep 2020
SAHMRI wears it purple to support LGBTIQ+ community

In celebration of this year's Wear it Purple Day - an opportunity to foster a supportive, safe and accepting environment for all LGBTIQ+ people, the SAHMRI community 'haired' it purple. Members of SAHMRI and the RAH allowed themselves to be decorated with purple hair dye, whilst others wore purple in support of the LGBTIQ+ community at SAHMRI, raising funds for the Pinnacle Foundation

The Pinnacle Foundation provide educational scholarships, mentoring and opportunities for young LGBTIQ+ Australians to realise their full potential and overcome challenges arising from their identity.

In the afternoon we hosted a webinar, with guest speakers Nathan Cappelluti and Professor Steve Wesselingh. 

  • Nathan Cappelluti spoke about his background and how The Pinnacle Foundation allowed him to continue his studies when his family disowned him when he came out as gay, and about the scholarships that are available for students like him in all areas of study.
  • Professor Steve Wesselingh spoke about SAHMRI’s commitment to diversity at SAHMRI and how different communities working together can bring rapid solutions to medical issues, such as what happened with HIV.

WATCH: View the Wear it Purple Day webinar