SAHMRI supports the MRFF

16 Jul 2014
SAHMRI supports the MRFF

The South Australian Health and Medical Research Institute (SAHMRI) is in full support of the Medical Research Future Fund (MRFF), which represents the single most important initiative in our nation’s history to ensure that Australia stays at the leading edge of medical science, with profound benefits to our health, the world’s health, and to our economy.

Importantly for SAHMRI, it is hoped the MRFF will have a substantial ‘translational’ focus, providing funding to better convert research findings into improved disease prevention strategies, diagnostics, medicines and treatments that have a direct impact on health outcomes and drive a more effective and efficient health system. SAHMRI is a translational research institute, with our vision being to ‘transform research into health’; translating medical research results into health outcomes that will benefit the community, and taking our research from bench to bedside.

It is critical that Australia has a home-grown capacity to address the health priorities that are relevant to our country, and just as importantly take advantage of innovations from elsewhere. The same applies to health priorities that are relevant to South Australia; SAHMRI has identified the gaps in research in a local context, and through the support of the MRFF, will be able to continue to understand the prevalence of health conditions and risk factors in the community, and devise preventative strategies.

With the support of initiatives such as the MRFF, SAHMRI will be able to continue to provide an environment and culture that our best and brightest medical researchers will want to work in, rather than leave our state for opportunities elsewhere, while at the same time attracting the best talent from overseas.