Project Discovery Classic #5: Riding to achieve Neil Sachse’s Vision

14 Sep 2020
Project Discovery Classic #5: Riding to achieve Neil Sachse’s Vision

The Neil Sachse Centre (NSC) is pleased to announce the launch of Project Discovery Classic #5, the 2020 Bike Ride for cycling enthusiasts looking to support research in to spinal cord injury (SCI).

With the recent passing of Neil Sachse in August 2020, this year’s ride will be undertaken in honour of Neil and his tireless work for SCI research. Neil’s vision remains the focal point of the Neil Sachse Centre: to find a cure for spinal cord Injuries and change the future for people living with these disabling conditions.

Over three days in November 2020, Project Discovery Classic #5 will take riders on a fun and challenging ride from Adelaide to the Barossa and back. Led by the team at Mondo Cycling Tours, this is the fifth annual ride and the Neil Sachse Centre’s largest annual public fundraiser.

In 2016, the Neil Sachse Centre and SAHMRI launched ‘Project Discovery’, providing the most advanced imaging of the spine with the aim of revolutionising the diagnosis and prognosis of spinal cord injury and other spinal pathologies. The ride was named the ‘Project Discovery Classic’ to raise funds to support this world-first research being undertaken by the Centre.

Project Discovery uses positron emission tomography (PET) to image the spinal cord. PET is an imaging technique that produces three-dimensional images by detecting gamma rays emitted by radiopharmaceuticals. The new cyclotron at SAHMRI gives local researchers the ability to source a range of radiopharmaceuticals previously not available. In 2020 the NSC progressed on this to the advanced stage of a Clinical Trial scanning people with a SCI; funds raised by PD5 riders will support this vital work.

Participants can register online for the three day event. The registration fee includes the hosted ride, meals and accommodation as well as personalised wine tastings in the Barossa. This year the Centre also provides an option for partners to come along, supporting the riders along their journey and joining them at the end of the day for the evening entertainment and celebrations.

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Director, SAHMRI's Neil Sachse Centre
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