Innovative cancer insights shared during national conference at SAHMRI

20 May 2024
Innovative cancer insights shared during national conference at SAHMRI

International experts joined eminent Australian researchers to share knowledge and ideas during Australia's only research and clinical meeting that focuses on cancer and metabolism.

The 5th biennial Australian Cancer & Metabolism Meeting was hosted at SAHMRI and featured presentations from five international researchers and 11 of Australia's foremost cancer experts.

David Labbe - ACMM
Dr David Labbe from McGill University in Montreal addresses the 5th biennial ACMM at SAHMRI

Professor Johannes Swinnen from Katholieke Universiteit Leuven in Belgium opened the meeting, discussing his long-standing interest in the rewiring of lipid metabolism in cancer. Dr David Labbe from McGill University in Canada shared his insights into diet-dependent tumour addictions in prostate cancer. 

The third and final day of the meeting saw a trio of presentations from international visitors - Professor Marcia Haigis from Harvard Medical School addressing the role of metabolites in cancer during ageing, Christian Metallo from the Salk Institute in the US investigating how enzymatic promiscuity can be an oncogenic driver but also therapeutic opportunity and Professor Celeste Simon from the University of Pennsylvania discussing how cells sense and respond to changes in the availability of molecular oxygen and nutrients.

The ACMM was co-convened by Professor Lisa Butler and Associate Professor Dan Thomas, who respectively lead the Solid Tumour Program and Blood Cancer Program at SAHMRI, and was made possible by generous support from The Hospital Research Foundation Group

Panel discussions, poster presentations and social networking opportunities were also part of the meeting's three-day itinerary.

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