Building resilient futures for Adelaide's young adults

20 Apr 2016
Building resilient futures for Adelaide's young adults

We are thrilled that two of SAHMRI’s key supporters, the James and Diana Ramsay Foundation and the Wyatt Trust, have been recognised at the Philanthropy Australia 2016 Philanthropy Awards, winning the national Best Large Grant Award. 

A gift for at-risk youths 

The $1.2 million grant is supporting the Resilient Futures SA Project over three years. The project will help the wellbeing and resilience of 850 Adelaide youths who are at risk of falling through the cracks by not being in school, employment or training. 

Resilient Futures SA will be particularly important in Adelaide’s northern suburbs, where the closure of the Holden manufacturing plant will have a significant impact on families and young people. 

The project will be delivered by SAHMRI’s Wellbeing and Resilience Centre, in partnership with a range of youth agencies and schools - primarily in northern and southern Adelaide. 

The aim of Resilient Futures SA is to build life-long skills in resilience and wellbeing amongst young people aged 16-20, with a key focus on developing educational engagement and achievement. 

Project Lead, David Kelly, said that this gift will make an enormous difference to a vulnerable group of young people. 

“We are very grateful to the James and Diana Ramsay Foundation and The Wyatt Trust for their commitment to supporting such an important project,” he said. 

Recognising outstanding philanthropists 

The Philanthropy Australia Philanthropy Awards recognise and celebrate the great achievements of philanthropists who are working to create lasting and positive change.