Information for Health Professionals

Information for Health Professionals

Women with a singleton pregnancy and low omega-3 status (concentration) in their blood are at higher risk of early preterm birth than women with adequate omega-3 status.

Supplementing women who are low in omega-3 reduces their risk of early birth. Screening before 20 weeks’ gestation will identify women who require omega-3 supplementation.

Omega-3 blood sample and cost

No additional blood sample is required as omega-3 analysis will be performed on serum collected as a part of the established SAMSAS program. The omega-3 fatty acid analyses will be performed at no cost to the patient or health service.

How to order the omega-3 status test?
  1. Discuss the omega-3 status test and refer woman to the Information for Families sheet.
  2. Order using the updated SAMSAS request form. A referral template is embedded in your software. For guidance, see the omega-3 digital referral resources below.
  3. Tick the omega-3 status test on the SAMSAS request form.
  4. Refer woman to the Privacy Disclosure on the SAMSAS request form.
  5. The omega-3 status test results will be reported to the requesting provider and will be available on OACIS.
Omega-3 Digital Referral Resources

The Maternal Serum Screening Test Form (SAMSAS), which includes the omega-3 status test, is now available in your respective clinical software. There are two ways to access the digital referral template depending on which software is used.

Access the template within the latest version of Best Practice and Medical Director
Best Practice Template Access Guide
Medical Director Template Access Guide

Download import templates for ZedMed, Best Practice and Medical Director

ZedMed Import Template | Import Instructions
Best Practice Import Template | Import Instructions
Medical Director Import Template | Import Instructions

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