Our Partners

SAHMRI promotes research collaboration and partnerships that deliver better health for all.
Our Partners

As an organisation, SAHMRI is designed to promote research collaborations and partnerships that deliver better health for all.

We gratefully acknowledge the many partners whose support has brought the vision of SAHMRI to life and continues to play a key role in our growth and success.

Capital Support
  • Australian Government
    Major Funder

    Research partners

    SAHMRI is located within ABMC, which is a hub for health and life sciences. It co-locates institutions from research, education and clinical care in a precinct in the heart of Adelaide.

    ABMC’s goal is to build impact, leverage investment and inform evidence-based healthcare and innovation in ways that could not be achieved separately.

    Visit the ABMC website

    AHIP is a partnership between Central Adelaide Local Health Network, Women’s and Children’s Health Network, the University of Adelaide and SAHMRI.

    AHIP delivers every step from discovery research to health care delivery. Together, the partnership can accelerate the link from research to improved health outcomes for the benefit of our community.

    Find out more about AHIP

    The Australian Centre for Precision Health is based on the top floor of SAHMRI’s North Terrace building. It brings together a multidisciplinary group of leading experts in genomics, population health and evidence translation to create the next generation of solutions for global health problems.

    The centre’s goals are to prevent disease before it strikes and to create innovative solutions to address issues focused on health and wellbeing. We do this by developing ways to improve risk prediction and risk factor discovery, as well as disease screening and health education.

    Visit the Australian Centre for Precision Health website

    CRIC is a partnership between SAHMRI and Dr Jones & Partners Medical Imaging. Located in the northern ‘pod’ at SAHMRI’s North Terrace headquarters, CRIC is the premier site for advanced imaging in South Australia.

    Visit the CRIC website 

    The Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation shares SAHMRI’s dedication to improving the health and well-being of Australians through the translation and communication of excellent science. CSIRO are proud partners of SAHMRI with CSIRO Nutrition & Health Staff, the Nutrition and Health Research Clinic and Precision Health Future Science Platform located within the SAHMRI building.

    Visit the CSIRO at SAHMRI website 

    The European Molecular Biology Laboratory’s Australian arm is a life science network that supports ambitious research projects and provides access to infrastructure and training to early-career Australian scientists.

    Visit SAHMRI’s EMBL Australia web

    Health Translation SA (formerly known as the SA Academic Health Science and Translation Centre) is one of the four inaugural Advanced Health Research and Translation Centres to be formally accredited by the National Health and Medical Research Council in 2015.

    Health Translation SA's team of dedicated staff is based at SAHMRI, which is the group's administering agency.

    In a unique whole-of-state collaborative network, Health Translation SA brings together a society of people – researchers, clinicians, educators, policy makers, consumers and the community – and resources to advance healthcare practice and policy for a healthier South Australia.

    Visit the Health Translation SA Website

    HTSA session

    SA NT DataLink provides high quality data linkage services to support research, policy development, service planning and evaluation. It is part of an Australian wide national data linkage network - the Population Health Research Network (PHRN).

    Visit the SA/NT Datalink webite

    SACRB is the largest haematological disease biobank in Australia in terms of the total number of patients, specimens and individual diseases collected.

    SACRB is supported by the Health Services Charitable Gifts Board (HSCGB), the RAH, SA Pathology, the University of Adelaide, the University of South Australia and the South Australian Health and Medical Research Institute (SAHMRI).

    Visit the SACRB website.

    The South Australian Genomics Centre (SAGC) was established in July 2020 as a State-wide genomics facility to support research in South Australia, as well as nationally and internationally. The SAGC is a partnership between the South Australian Health and Medical Research Institute (SAHMRI), University of South Australia, Flinders University, The University of Adelaide, the Australian Genome Research Facility (AGRF), and the Australian Wine Research Institute (AWRI).

    The SAGC central hub is located in the iconic SAHMRI building in the heart of Adelaide's BioMed City and has additional nodes on the Waite Campus and at Flinders University. The SAGC provides a broad range of services including RNA sequencing, small RNA sequencing, exome and genome sequencing, epigenomics, metagenomics, single cell genomics and a range of custom methods.

    Visit the SAGC website