Information for donors

Thank you for your kind support and your generous donations towards funding vital research into the greatest health challenges we all face.

With your donation, we can continue conducting life-changing research which will improve the health of people across Australia and the world.

Our team are making remarkable discoveries, each one bringing us a step closer to a healthier, happier future for everyone.

Single donations

Here's what you need to know when making a once-off donation to SAHMRI.

Yes, donations to SAHMRI over $2 are tax-deductible.

We'll email your receipt once your donation is processed. This will usually arrive within a couple of minutes of making your donation. If it doesn't arrive, please check your junk mail folder, and if you still can't find it please email and we can send you a fresh copy.

Monthly donations

Information about recurring donations

Your first monthly donation will be processed straight away, and then on (or close to) the same day each month after that. In some cases your donation might move a day earlier or later, for example, if you start your donation on the 31st, it might be processed on the 30th of the following month, or the 1st of the month after that.

If you'd like to change which day of the month your donation is processed, please email us at

Yes, you can pause your donation at any time.

Your emailed receipt contains links to pause your monthly donation. If you don't have your receipt, please email us at

Your emailed receipt contains links to stop your monthly donation. If you don't have your receipt, please email us at