Applied Integrative Analytics

Applied Integrative Analytics

The Applied Integrative Analytics group is a strategic partnership between SAHMRI and the T.H. Chan School of Public Health.

Applied Integrative

It is this group’s vision to identify biologically meaningful precision interventions to treat and prevent chronic disease by applying integrative analytic methodologies to high quality exposome and health data.

By fully utilizing existing datasets and appropriately modelling exposome and health data, the Applied Integrative Analytics group demonstrates its capacity to facilitate the generation of translatable biological knowledge into simple, easy to implement treatment and prevention regimes that are not only tailored precisely to the individual (genetics, diagnoses, etc.), but are also tailored precisely to the habitual behaviours that define an individual’s diet, lifestyle, and environment.

The Applied Integrative Analytics group is multidisciplinary in nature due to the convergence of biology, analytics and big data on the increasingly heterogeneous data architectures inherent to registries and cohorts.

This group’s work represents a continuous dynamic workflow between high performance computers over secure networks executing big data analytics and machine learning on the highest quality data, that is based on mathematical methods and algorithms (eg: modelling, simulation and optimization in data rich environments), enhanced by artificial intelligence, to produce biologically meaningful models of the “complex-human-system”.