Cultural Safety In Rural and Remote Aboriginal Aged Care

Culturally Safe Workforce Models for Rural and Remote Indigenous Organisations
Cultural Safety In Rural and Remote Aboriginal Aged Care
Project Status: Completed
Project administered by: SAHMRI

This study was informed by the knowledge that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples are living longer, therefore resulting in an increased demand for aged care.

Providing good quality aged care services that are acceptable and culturally safe is essential for aged care organisations to meet the needs of older Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

We worked with rural and remote Aboriginal aged care organisations in South Australia to develop, pilot and evaluate an evidence-based model for culturally safe aged care. We aimed to develop an understanding of how aged care services can be delivered in culturally safe ways, from the perspectives of older Aboriginal peoples in rural and remote locations. Their views informed the development of six cultural safety in aged care principles that provided the foundation for a training program for aged care organisations. While this project centred on Aboriginal organisations in rural and remote areas, the cultural safety principles and resources developed are relevant to all aged care organisations across Australia caring for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

Resource Library

The following resources were developed for use by aged care organisations to help improve the delivery of culturally safe aged care services to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

Cultural safety in aged care videos

English version

Pitjantjatjara version

Training Resources

Principle 1: Respecting Aboriginal life, traditions and living culture

PowerPoint (38.8MB) | Presenter Guide (1.8MB)

Principle 2: Create and maintain Aboriginal-friendly spaces

PowerPoint (26.5MB) | Presenter Guide (1.2MB)

Principle 3: Provide buildings that meet Aboriginal elders' and their community's needs

PowerPoint (1.6MB) | Presenter Guide (1.5MB)

Principle 4: Employ Aboriginal staff

PowerPoint (3.3MB) | Presenter Guide (1.5MB)

Principle 5: All aged care staff work towards cultural competence

PowerPoint (1.6MB) | Presenter Guide (1.5MB)

Principle 6: Be an advocate for, and with, Aboriginal elders and their communities

PowerPoint (1.3MB) | Presenter Guide (1.4MB)

Principles 1-6 Complete Guide (6.7MB)

Cultural Safety in Aged Care Workbook (PDF 563KB)


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This project was funded by the Australian Government, Department of Health under the Dementia and Aged Care Services (DACS) Fund, 2017-2019