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    Saraid Martin

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    Saraid holds the Co-ordinator position for the SA Aboriginal diabetes-related foot disease program, dedicated to improving the prevention and management of diabetes-related foot disease and amputation.

    With over 15 years' experience as a podiatrist, Saraid has focused on addressing high-risk foot conditions, especially in the context of Aboriginal health. In 2020, she obtained an endorsement for scheduled medicines further bolstering her capabilities clinically. Currently, Saraid is pursuing a Masters by Research at the University of South Australia, deepening her knowledge and commitment to advancing the podiatry profession.

    Alongside her clinical expertise, Saraid is an accomplished project manager with extensive experience across various government health departments and projects, including the SA Allied & Scientific Health Office. Notably, she served as the project lead for the successful Foot Stomp project in the Southern Adelaide Local Health Network, where she combined her clinical interests and experience with her project management skills.