Dr Miriam Lynn

    Dr Miriam Lynn

    Dr. Miriam Lynn is a molecular biologist with more than 10 years of research experience in the fields of genetics, proteomics and immunology. She completed her PhD in Trinity College Dublin working in the field of parasitology. She continued her studies with a 3 year Post-Doctoral position with the University of British Columbia in Canada focusing on proteomic technologies including mass spectrometry and antibody production.

    After this, Miriam Lynn returned to Ireland and took up a position in at the National Children's Research Centre working in paediatric oncology. In May 2011, she took up a position as Experienced Researcher in OncoMark working on a European Framework 7 funded project entitled RATHER which focuses on providing new rationalised therapy options for difficult-to-treat breast cancer subtypes. This position included a secondment as a More Experience Marie Curie Research Fellow at the Cancer Biology and Therapeutics Lab at University College Dublin.

    Currently Miriam is working as EMBL Senior Postdoctoral Fellow at SAMHRI where she has been working as a member of the Computational and Systems Biology Program, part of the Precision Medicine Theme leading the gnotobiotic vaccine mouse models.

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