Dr Laura Eadie

BSc (Biomed), Hons, PhD
  • University of Adelaide
Dr Laura Eadie

Dr Eadie is an award-winning biomedical researcher and a Cancer Council South Australia Beat Cancer Project Fellow, awarded to the top two mid-career cancer researchers in South Australia (2023-current). She is an Australian Institute of Policy and Science Young Tall Poppy (2023), previous Fulbright scholar and a TEDx speaker.

Dr Eadie has been awarded >$4 million in fellowship/grant funding in the last five years, >$2 million as CIA from funding bodies including NHMRC, MRFF, Leukaemia Foundation, Cancer Council. Dr Eadie has built an international reputation as an emerging leader in the use of patient genomics to inform therapy outcomes for Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia (ALL) patients, evidenced by an American Society of Hematology Achievement Award (2020) and an International Thermo Fisher Cancer Research Grant (2022).

ALL is one of the biggest causes of non-traumatic death in children and relapsed T-cell ALL (T-ALL) is an extremely high risk disease. More effective, less toxic treatments are urgently needed for when a patient fails their front-line chemotherapy. Dr Eadie is SAHMRI's T-ALL research leader and her team creates humanised mouse avatars from individual patient’s leukaemic cells to use in pre-clinical drug trials. Combined with genomic sequencing to identify a patient’s leukaemia-causing mutations, these models allow Dr Eadie to discover more effective therapeutic options targeted to each individual patient’s leukaemia.

Dr Eadie's long-term research goal is to identify new and re-purposed drugs which effectively treat the different genetic lesions associated with T-ALL. Her team's findings will ultimately provide clinicians with an arsenal of alternative treatment options and hope for patients who have relapsed.

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