Professor Justin Beilby

Professor Justin Beilby

Professor Justin Beilby was an inaugural member of the SAHMRI Board and is an academic general practitioner with expertise in primary care and aged care research, health service evaluation, intervention studies and the translation of research findings into policy and clinical practice. 

He is s currently leading an international research project examining and developing new models of managing frailty which is an increasingly important priority for our community. He also holds a Board position at the Central Adelaide Local Health Network in South Australia.

Professor Beilby was appointed to the role of Vice-Chancellor, Torrens University Australia in January, 2015 and in January, 2020 transitioned to a part time role as Deputy Vice-Chancellor of Research where he is pursuing his funded research activities.

Prior to taking on his initial role at Torrens University Australia, Professor Beilby completed 10 years as Executive Dean of the Faculty of Health Sciences with the University of Adelaide where he has led the academic development of the $250 million Medical and Nursing School within Adelaide BioMed City. In 2008 he was chosen as one of the 12 Commissioners for the National Health and Hospital Reform Commission that developed a new model for the Australian health care system.

Professor Beilby supervised the establishment of educational and research partnerships in the United States, India, Malaysia and Thailand. He chaired the establishment of a new global research health service partnership with academic colleagues in South America, Spain, the US and Mexico. He has previously established several international relationships based around respiratory and pharmaco-epidemiology research in the UK and the US.