Ms Caitlin Schutz

Ms Caitlin Schutz

Research Focus

In my role as a research assistant, I am focussed on aiding the work performed for both mouse modelling of the ALL disease and ALL clinical trials and diagnostic testing.

The development of xenograft and transgenic mouse models with a focus of T-ALL, will allow for the following to be investigated; the mechanisms of drug resistance, the development of new target therapies against newly discovered mutations, and how combination therapeutics could be a beneficial treatment option. These results will inform clinical practice, ultimately impacting on therapy responses and the survival of adults and children with high-risk ALL.

Samples from newly diagnosed ALL patients are received, whereby our researchers are able to determine the subgroup of ALL a particular patient is a part of, aiding clinicians in advising their patient on treatment options or trials available. As part of these trials and diagnostic testing, I aid fellow researchers in processing peripheral blood or bone marrow samples, extracting DNA and RNA for MLPA and sequencing, entering data, and ensuring the safe preservation of cells and cellular products, ready for future investigative use.

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