Associate Professor Beverly Muhlhausler

  • Research Director CSIRO
BSc(Hons), PhD
  • University of Adelaide
Associate Professor Beverly Muhlhausler

A/Professor Bev Muhlhausler is the Research Director of the Nutrition and Health Program in the Health and Biosecurity Unit in CSIRO. Bev joined CSIRO in November 2018 after 12 years as an NHMRC Early Career and then Career Development Award Fellow at the University of South Australia and University of Adelaide. Over this time, her work on the impact of maternal overnutrition on the programming of obesity and metabolic disease has made a significant contribution to current understanding of how exposure to maternal obesity and/or an excess nutrient supply before birth acts to alter the development of key systems involved in the regulation of energy balance. She has published 179 peer-reviewed papers which have been cited over 4,400 times, 18 invited book chapter, editorial and commentaries and presented 25 invited talks at national/international scientific conferences. Bev is current President of the Developmental Origins of Health and Disease (DOHaD) Society of Australia and New Zealand and was Chair of the Scientific Programming Committee for the 2019 DOHaD World Congress.

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