SAHMRI partnering on three Frontiers

12 Mar 2021
SAHMRI partnering on three Frontiers

SAHMRI is proud to be a supporting partner of all three Frontier Health and Medical Research Initiative grants which were recently announced by the Federal Minister for Health and Aged Care, the Hon Greg Hunt.

SAHMRI Executive Director, Professor Steve Wesselingh, says the institute’s involvement in the ‘Frontier’ projects is a vote of confidence in SAHMRI’s ability to contribute to dynamic research capable of delivering significant impact for the health of our communities.

“The Frontiers initiative is specifically designed to support innovative researchers with the vision and expertise to transform big ideas into reality,” he said.

“To be entrusted, alongside our many partners, with undertaking these projects is a great honour.”

The three projects, with total funding of almost $100 million over the next five years, are:

  • 4D Functional Diagnosis: A new frontier in lung health for children($29 million administered by the Australian Lung Health Initiative)
  • Australian Epilepsy Project ($30 million administered by Florey Institute of Neuroscience and Mental Health)
  • The Stroke Golden Hour: delivering urgent stroke care to Australians($40 million administered by the University of Melbourne and Australian Stroke Alliance)

4D Functional Diagnosis

This will deliver revolutionary lung scanners that are safe and simple to use with rapid results. The scanners enable analysis of lung function in real time, establishing Australia at the forefront of lung science. The technology could be applied to managing COVID-19 and has the potential to kick-start a high-value, high-tech industry.

The project is part of the Australian Lung Health Initiative, which is a partnership between Melbourne-based Medical technology company 4DMedical, SAHMRI, the University of Adelaide and Monash University. It will be led by Professor Andreas Fouras and includes work at SAHMRI’s Preclinical Imaging and Research Laboratories at Gilles Plains in Adelaide.

Australian Epilepsy Project

AEP is a platform for using artificial intelligence to support clinical decision making. It will ensure all epileptics in Australia receive the best practice care from their first seizure while also compiling a database to help AI and machine learning better inform and improve future care.

The project is led by Professor Graeme Jackson from the Florey Institute of Neuroscience and Mental Health. The SAHMRI-based Clinical Research and Imaging Centre will be part of the nationwide network of sites involved in the project while SAHMRI and University of Adelaide neuroimaging specialist Professor Mark Jenkinson is one for the team’s AI expert advisors.

The Stroke Golden Hour

Every second counts when responding to stroke. This project will develop lightweight brain scanners allowing ambulance officers to provide rapid diagnosis and treatment at the site of the incident. Its impact will be most crucial for people in rural and remote areas who currently might have to travel vast distances before the severity of their stroke can be investigated.

The project is driven by the Australian Stoke Alliance and co-led by Professors Geoffrey Donnan and Stephen Davis from the University of Melbourne. SAHMRI is a partner of the Alliance and its Aboriginal Health Equity Theme Leader Professor Alex Brown will continue to provide ongoing support for the project.

The Frontier Health and Medical Research Initiative is funded by the Medical Research Future Fund to provide $570 million over 10 years. It is designed to support bold ideas and promote collaborations that not just improve global healthcare but create employment and generate other economic benefits.

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