Project Discovery launched

23 Apr 2015
Project Discovery launched

SAHMRI's Mind and Brain Theme has begun an exciting new collaboration with the Neil Sachse Centre called ‘Project Discovery’. 

The project will use new positron emission tomography (PET) imaging techniques for the spine in the hopes that we can revolutionise the diagnosis and prognosis of spinal cord injury and other spinal pathologies by: 

  1. Providing a more accurate diagnosis at the time of injury to assist treatment decisions. 
  2. Providing a more accurate prognosis for the injury so patient expectations can be better identified. 
  3. Measuring functional response to treatment and identifying preferred treatments. 
  4. Measuring functional changes in the spinal cord over time. 
  5. Providing imaging services for clinical trials to see if a treatment has produced functional nerve growth or if any denigration has been caused. 

Identifying differences in outcomes when transferring treatments would help fast track future development of any such research.