Lara loses locks for leukaemia research

16 Jul 2020
Lara loses locks for leukaemia research

When Lara Ebbinghaus first walked into SAHMRI for work experience in 2017, she had no idea her time with the Leukaemia Research Group would leave such a lasting impact. 

She certainly never would’ve thought it’d inspire her to shave off her treasured blonde locks. 

“When I came to SAHMRI, I gained a profound understanding of the importance of leukaemia research in improving people’s lives,” Lara said.

“I was touched by the stories of survivors and awed by the impressive feats being achieved by the research group.”

Lara before the shave
Lara shares a laugh with Professor Deb White before the scissors come out

Sporting waist length blonde hair for most of her life, Lara decided she wanted to share it with someone who’d lost their hair due to Leukaemia.

In 2019 she followed through on her promise, raising more than $4000 and donating her hair to Locks of Love - a charity that turns donated hair into wigs for those who’ve lost their hair during chemotherapy.

“My love for science and my long blonde hair are two things for which I am well known, so it just made sense to shave my head in support of leukaemia research.”

Lara is currently studying medicine and working towards becoming like the life saving heroes she admires.

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Watch as Lara loses her locks to support leukaemia research