Biostatistics Unit

Offering high-level statistical support to advance health and medical research
Biostatistics Unit

Our vision is to improve the quality and impact of health research by providing world-class biostatistics services informed by the latest methodological developments.

Biostatisticians play an important role in all stages of health research.

At the design stage, they can assist with choosing an appropriate study design for addressing the research questions, perform sample size calculations, prepare the randomisation schedule, and provide input into the study protocol. During study conduct, they can help monitor study progress and data quality, advise on modifications to the study protocol, develop the statistical analysis plan, and prepare reports for relevant monitoring boards. Once data collection is complete, they can assist with finalising the study database, perform statistical analyses, prepare analysis reports, and contribute to the interpretation and dissemination of research findings.

The SAHMRI Biostatistics Unit has extensive experience providing statistical support to a broad range of local, national and international health research projects across a range of clinical areas. We specialise in investigator-initiated, phase III clinical trials but can support most study designs. We also have a strong focus on statistical methods research, ensuring our consulting services are informed by the latest methodology.

Biostatistics Services

We can provide a range of biostatistics services on a fee-for-service basis. We can also support grant funded research as a named statistical investigator/research personnel with fractional salary support. Our services include:

  • Advice on study design to align with the research questions
  • Sample size/power calculations
  • Input into grant applications, study protocols and data monitoring charters
  • Review of data collection tools and electronic capture systems
  • Generating randomisation schedules
  • Cleaning and maintaining complex datasets
  • Developing statistical analysis plans
  • Conducting analyses using a range of advanced statistical methods
  • Provision of results reports, including tables and figures suitable for journal publication
  • Preparation of independent reports for data safety monitoring boards

The Biostatistics Unit works closely with SAHMRI's Clinical Trials Platform, which provides a range of complementary clinical trial services including project management, digital marketing recruitment campaigns, electronic case report form design, and clinical monitoring.

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